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Are you bored listening to the same kind of music everyday? To music that doesn’ t appeal you? The Music School of Drama through MSD Radio every four Sundays from four o’ clock till five o’ clock will keep you company, with music from all around the wo …

20-01-2019, 14:00

Game Review by 3th Lyceum of Veria

Game Review is a podcast that one student reviews a video – game, and tells you his opinion. Sources: Unboxholics IGN Greece

23-01-2019, 16:30

Pick Up Radio

The radio club of EPAL Kryas Vrisis, titled “PickUp Radio”, is a large group consisting of 20 students of the first grade of Lyceum. Each radio show will be created by different groups of students, who will be keen to keep you entertained with interest …

23-01-2019, 18:00

Tenjin Time Show by 3th Lyceum of Veria

In this podcast, a student inform us about some facts for a country at a time.

24-01-2019, 18:00

Radio Island

You can listen the Radio Island radio show for the school. year 2018-19, with many subjects such as health, art, sports, various educational subjects, movie annotation and of course with a lot of music!!!

24-01-2019, 19:00


Every week there are many new Radio shows to discover

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