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We are the 5th Grade of the 3rd Primary School of Pylaia Thessalonikis and this is our first attempt to make our own radio show. Each radio show will be created by different groups of students, with different subject each time.

24-05-2019, 16:00

Tech News by 3th Lyceum of Veria

We inform you for the latest technological news with subjects of common interest for young people and not only… School Website: http://3lyk-veroias.ima.sch.gr/autosch/joomla25/

24-05-2019, 16:00


The Experimental Junior High School of Patras University Radio Broadcast on Up FM 90.4 Patras Radio and on ESR – stay tuned!

25-05-2019, 14:00

“Travelling and singing to the unforgettable Hellenism – Pontus- Constantinople”.

The young students of the 4th grade of the 2nd Primary School of Petroupolis, Athens are learning about Pontus and Constantinople in a pleasant and creative way. They are travelling to yesterday’s and today’s history and they are sharing their impressi …

27-05-2019, 14:00
Tags: Art & Culture,

interview with Achilleas Dramountanis

The students of GEL Fourfoura present the exclusive interview received by our favorite artist Achilles Dramountanis! How did he start, what is the inspiration of his songs? It reveals us the functioning of the school of k mantinades!

27-05-2019, 16:00
Tags: Art & Culture,


We are souREALs and the frequency of our show will be every second every 15 days at 8 pm. We will be presenting great personalities.

27-05-2019, 17:00
Tags: Social Issues,


Every week there are many new Radio shows to discover

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