Dear teachers – dear colleagues,

We are just before the start of a different school year and we have to face alternative challenges.

We need to find the strength and adapt to new situations, to encourage our students in first seen conditions, in which we must teach our subject, but also a creative, enjoyable and productive subject by inspiring the continuous journey of knowledge.

We are wondering how we will have the courage to design and develop with our students innovative tasks, as we used to do every new school year, and through which the educational process was more interesting for the children and us.

But we are sure that even in such a situation, the love for our pedagogical duty will help us to overcome these difficulties as well. Endless imagination and creativity will once again find a way to manifest, inside and outside the classroom, giving meaning to school life. The European School Radio will stand by you, just like last year in the middle of lockdown with the redesigned radio program of the station. Soon, we will announce good news for the ESR, which strengthen the collective project of all schools to give the power to the voice of students!

Happy school year!

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