The European School Radio launches a dynamic collaboration for the year 2020-21! This is an interesting proposal of the Third Program and, more specifically, of the show “Music Preferences – Your Own Short Stories”, by Vana Panormiou (Third Program 90,9).

As part of our collaboration, the Music Schools, which participate in the Student Radio, are going to take part in the show “Musical Preferences – Your Own Short Stories” proposing their own music choices.What are their memories of the first work of classical or other music? What is their own story behind their favorite musical work?

We first invite the Music Schools, and then we encourage all the Secondary Schools to participate in this project! The selections of the music pieces – maximum duration 15 minutes – can come from the field of Classical, Cinematic, Jazz, Italian, French, Ethnic and Greek traditional music. The recording is individual, it can be done from the mobile or from the computer. The maximum duration of each audio is 4 minutes without any other background music during the recording. The audio can be sent:

1. Via the website of the European School Radio (, in the category “ERT Third Program” from the option “Non schedulable” broadcasts. In this category you can post the recording for up to 4 minutes together with the music track in a single audio file. Total maximum duration is 20 minutes. The purpose is to make it available on your school podcast and to broadcast it on a special European School Radio show.

2. By sending the 4-minute audio to without including the music track. This audio will be sent as it is and individually to be included in the show of the Third Program.

We look forward to your audio messages!

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