The new version of our mobile app is now available.
It’s about time to present the European School Radio App 2.0

Willing to offer as many features as possible to the listeners of the First Student Radio, we created the next version of our application. If you install the European School Radio app, you will not only be able to listen to the student radio live, but also have access to the huge variety of Podcasts of the student radio groups. Many new options and elements have been added to offer an overall experience of listening to student radio and student Podcasts.

More detailed:

– Easy and easy to use menu with several navigation options
– “Listen Live” tab so you can listen live to our favorite student radio
– Ability to search for the song, or the show that is currently playing from the live broadcast (“Listen Live”)
– “Next Shows” tab so you can see information about the next four (4) shows that will be broadcast live on European School Radio
– Through the “Next Shows” tab you can go to a special tab for each show, from which you can read the description of the show, see its subject matter, in which production zone it is, as well as play the spot of the specific show
– Schedule tab so you can select a date from the calendar to see which shows have been played that day, or which shows are going to be aired on European School Radio
– From the “Program” tab, by selecting a show, you can see more information about the show you have selected, as well as listen to all the episodes of the specific production
– “Episodes” tab so you can listen to the four (4) most recent shows that have been played on our popular radio or search for your favorite show and listen to it later.
– “News” tab, so you can read the latest news on the student radio
– “More” tab so you can adjust the application according to your preferences. Through this tab, one can read more information about the application, read our terms of use, our privacy policy, as well as change the language of the application between Greek and English

It is worth mentioning that the application was developed entirely by former students – producers of the student radio: Stefanos Iliadis, George Papadopoulos and Symeon Sideris.

Wishing you an amazing listening experience!

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