The “European School Radio, The First Student Radio” is one of the winners at the European Competition “2020 .eu Web Awards”! The unique nomination in the field of education from all over Europe in the 15 finalists of the Competition and invited to the Web Gala of December 16, 2020 and the only organization from Greece, which received a Special Commendation for its attractive web design and its contribution to the youth community of Europe as it is youth oriented!

Excited about our participation in an exceptional night at the Teatro Verdi with invited guests from all over Europe, along with their audience, to enjoy a wonderful spectacle by unique artists and to celebrate the announcement of the awards!
We experienced really moving moments, even though it was only virtual, with an online presence. The Gala started with the presenter preparing the empty theater to welcome the spectators. But what a pity that the theater would remain empty because of the pandemic measures! How beautiful we felt when all 15 finalists appeared on the screen and at that moment the presenter addressed us to explain that tonight we will be alone … But we were already there, in the empty theater, on the big stage … at least virtually! However, the situation helped because with us were all the people of the European School Radio, all those who love and support us. As European School Radio in the category “The Laurels”, together with another Greek participation, Mana Gi ( in the category “The rising stars”, we represented Greece! How honorable that is!
We were there, already winners to participate in the beautiful Gala and we had the pleasant surprise that came from the sky of Teatro Verdi … We were anxiously waiting for the 3 Special Commedations, which the organizers of the Competition chose to stand out for important reasons! And finally … The European School Radio won this special award giving us the opportunity, through the Chairman of the Board for European School Radio Mrs. Eftychia Touliou, to thank for this award!
The celebration continued with amazing artistic performances, with theater, with music, with poetic narration and closed with Sting singing “Fragile” to remind us how vulnerable and weak we are …

.Eu Web Awards, thank you for what we experienced! You give us the wings to fly even higher!


.eu Web Awards 2020 from acTVty on Vimeo.


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