The unique Day for the Radio, the World Radio Day 2021, has arrived! For us and for all of you who broadcast it is an important moment!
The “European School Radio, the First Student Radio”, actively participates in the actions of Unesco with this year’s theme “New World, New Radio” hosting in the radio program of 13 February 2021 from 16.00 (Greek time), an attractive radio material lasting 9 hours in total, produced by schools on the occasion of the celebration of radio! At the same time, a radio tribute to the Student Radio of tomorrow is being organized, in the new European program Erasmus + KA201 “Social Radio 2.0: The European School Radio and Podcasting Community for Active Citizenship Education”, which has just started and will evolve radio in the new era of the Podcast highlighting its multidimensional role in the present and future of education in Europe.
Stay tuned to European School Radio to celebrate the New Radio together!


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