A foretaste of what we are preparing next year that reminds us of the nostalgic moments from this year that has just passed…

Willing to reward and highlight the schools for the shows they produce, for the dedication to their radio appointment, and for their love for radio production, we have prepared a very interesting TOP 5 for you!

Another little trip, short and enjoyable, by whatever means you wish in the company of the radio…

  1. Beginning from Larissa, along with the 3rd Evening Vocational Senior High School and the 26 podcasts of long duration (One hour),
  2. Forward to Eretria, along with the Junior High School and the 25 short thematic radio shows, and moving straight to Patras, along with the Experimental Junior High School and the 25 podcasts of long duration (one-hour),
  3. Bach to northern Greece and the city of Veroia, along with the Music School and the 17 productions of short radio messages,
  4. Enjoying the beaches of Siros Island, along with the 2nd Junior High School and the 15 podcasts, mainly radio shows of long duration (one-hour),
  5. Flying north-east to Alexandroupolis, along with the 6th Primary School and 13 podcasts, mainly of long duration (one-hour), with one direct flight to Athens and the 1st Model Senior High School of Athens-Gennadeio with 13 radio shows, mainly half-hour productions. Returning again to northern Greece with the Music School of Drama and the 13 long-lasting (one-hour) shows, and finally, a little further west, on the north-western borders this time, in Argos Orestiko and the 1st Primary School with the 13 mainly short thematic shows







And… if the road takes you somewhere else, stop for a while and look for a radio school… surely there is a school that has produced at least one radio show during the school year, giving the chance to the students to gain knowledge through the radio play…




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