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The project NEStOR-“Networked European School Web Radio” with the coordination, The Scientific Society “European School Radio, The First Student Radio” ( coordinates parthnership of “Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus” ( in Greece, the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute (, the University of Aallborg in Denmark ( and the Veneto District Education Office of the Ministry of Education, University and Research of Italy. Meanwhile, partners participating in this work are: Gymnasium Aglantzia (Cyprus), Experimental High School, University of Macedonia (Greece) and Kaunas district Garliava Juozas Luksa High School (Lithuania). This action is part of the European ERASMUS+ program (Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices) and has been approved with funding around € 171,000. The European project is provided with a two-year implementation period: September 2016- August 2018.


The NEStOR project will highlight the European dimension of the existing “European School Radio” ( ), which has been operating in Greece for the last six years with great success. The aim of the program is to create a flexible, multilingual, modern and attractive medium, a Web Radio, through which transnational educational cooperation across Europe will be facilitated. In order to support this, important studies will be carried out on the European education policy dimension, the pedagogics and also the need to foster media literacy to schools. It will provide a Web Radio, safe and user friendly even for students with special educational needs; it will be enriched with interdisciplinary teaching materials for school education at a European level; it will be integrated in modern educational requirements. The project will provide the educational community with the necessary tools for the cultivation of communication skills, participation of every European learner to a public radio program and the exchange and dissemination of cultural elements through the Student Radio.


At the same time, the practicality of the Student Radio service will be combined with its use as a complete pedagogical tool in the hands of the educational community, to facilitate the integration of digital media in the modern educational process. Primary and secondary school teachers who will participate in the project will be trained in the field of media literacy. Particularly in the Student Radio they will be invited to form joint training scenarios across a wide variety of disciplines, to achieve the realization of these practices in the school environment and then evaluate the process along with members of the educational community and partner-institution of education. The Student WebRadio addresses students and teachers without any discrimination, with emphasis on the promotion of creativity and innovation and the relationship between the media and education, creating prospects for their educational and professional future.


The project partners have realized three Transnational Meetings so far, a Kick off meeting in Thessaloniki Greece in November 2016, the 2nd Meeting in  Copenhagen Denmark in April 2017 and the last one in Athens Greece in November 2017.

During the last eighteen months the project has produced studies, guides and a web radio portal in order to expand the already known European School Radio. ( The partnerships in March 2018 has delivered the 85% of the studies and deliverables concerning the Web Radio Model, The Pedagogical  issues of a school Web Radio in Europe, the Web Radio Online Portal, (, Learning Material,  the Evaluation of the use of the Web Radio in Schools.


The Web Radio Portal, is multilingual and gives the opportunity for schools all over Europe to join in a common School Web Radio Program which broadcasts online, with lots of features to train, organize the schools and their Web RadioTeams, in order to produce radio shows. The Web Radio stores all the audio files with a lot of information about the producer and be heard any time after the live streaming. The Portal is going to be completed in Oct 2018


In addition, European School Radio, organized and delivered a big Multiplier Event 15-17 April 2018 involving a Festival, Competition and an Event where specific Intellectual Outputs were presented discussed, name the Web Radio Portal and the Educational Material for schools. At the event participated more than fifty people, all related to education or have an interest educators, school students, education officers of all levels, such as the Director of Primary and Secondary educational school levels, The vice Minister Mr Baxevanakis of the Ministry of Education, school advisors, other local authorities such as the Mayor of Trikala City, Members of Parliaments and other stakeholders such as non-profit organisations, Media companies, and others. The Festival and the Event visited around thousand people and took place in the city of Trikala in various locations.

The Consortium has developed educational scenarios for schools in order to use them and each school is developing a network of local schools in order to expand the new Web Radios within their countries, namely Lithuania, Cyprus, Greece and some in Denmark.


So far, the prospects of the project looks promising and the outcome will give the opportunity


The project is completed in September 2018 and all material can be found in on the Menu find “Nestor” Or “Το έργο NEStOR”.

The Coordinator, Νίκος Γιαγκούλης

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