Just before we welcome our students to schools, we are getting ready, once again, for the planning of our educational project! European School Radio comes back in a few days renewed and with new appearance, ready to welcome old and new radio producers in the refreshed radio schedule.

The Scientific Society offers educational methods and actions in schools, supported by the dynamic partnerships that have been developed in the educational, cultural and journalistic era.

Educational Programs 2019-20

In cooperation with the Department of Informatics and Electronic Systems Engineering of the International Hellenic University, with the Department of Journalism & Mass Communications of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and with the Association of Daily Newspapers’ Editors of Macedonia – Thrace will be offered for free and for one more year the Educational Program “Broadcast on European School Radio- Radio production for Young Journalists”.

In co-organization with National Library of Greece, will be offered for free and for one more year the Educational Program “Radio Pages – The National Library on European School Radio’s Air”.

Student Radio Festival 

In co-organization with Ionian Islands’ Regional Center for Educational Design and the Ionian University, will materialized the 7th Pan-Hellenic Student Radio Festival European School Radio from 2 to 4 April 2020 in Corfu. The annual meeting of Greek and Cypriot Radio Schools are planning to show off the rich artistic and social action of young people, through the youngful journalism in radio. Breakthrough constitutes the design of original program Radio Culture, under the scientific diligence of Ionian University Mentors’. The schools will get actively involved in radio actions with cultural content, that will show off their special local culture, will participate and cooperate in Experiential Workshops and Theatrical Radio Shows.

Radio Contest “Make It Heard”

In co-organization with the Department of Educational Radio, Television and the Digital Media of Ministry of Education and Religions and with Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus of Ministry of Education and Culture it is about to materialized the Student Competition of Radio Message and Song “Make It Heard 2020” with subject “We emit danger signal, we embrace the Earth”. This year, the Competition integrates new elements mainly in review of the students’ project, with purpose the active participation of students in the process of judgement. The submission of Radio Messages and Songs will be possible until the end of January 2020.


In cooperation with on-site Training Project Coordinators through the school year are implemented a lot of seminars, the implement the experienced members of European School Radios’ Scientific Society.
Furthermore, soon will be planned a third in a row Pan-Hellenic Student Radio Conference, in cooperation with the Department of Journalism & Mass Communications of the Aristotle University, for that you will be briefed soon.


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