Podcast: Signs in action

01 January 1970 00:00-00:00

Because dad is a good driver but sometimes speeds too fast
Because mum -when she doesn’t go somewhere far away-drives without fastening her seatbelt
Because I really want to drive from this age since it’s too easy and when I get a grade A at school my grandpa lets me sit with him behind the steering wheel and we drive together….
and because….
……….. the radio team of B2 class “we create all together”
is concerned. Our concern became worry. Our worry became questions.
Our questions became answers and ended up in suggestions combined with our imagination. The result of all this? A fairy-tale.
We would like you to hear it.
because from a very early age we must learn how to walk properly in the streets and become later on great drivers ourselves!
and because the children can help the grown-ups become better drivers.
Responsible teachers
Aggeliki Kolokousi, Nectaria Lebidoni (Drama teacher)
Teachers that cooperated
Nectaria Lebidoni (Drama teacher)
Panos Iliopoulos (Music teacher)
Follow the highway code
Music: Julien Joubert