Podcast: We are equals

27 February 2019 22:00

Kato Scholari Primary School participates to the 2019 ESR song contest with the song “We are equals”, a song about friendship and against verbal harashment.
Lead vocals: Zisis M. and Vassilis P. (Grade 4)
Background vocals: Grades 3 and 4
Music: Minas Gkinos, Gr. 4 teacher
Lyrics: Grade 4 (with a little help from their teacher!)
Vocals arrangement: Maria Zachariadou, Music teacher
M. Zachariadou: Violin
M. Gkinos: Electric guitar, PC programming
Stergios Moschogiannis: Clarinet
We would like to thank Mr. Stergios Moschogiannis for his kind participation.