Podcast: Can you answer us?

Participation of 6th elementary school of Agios Dimitrios, Athens, in the song contest “Kanto nakoustei 2019”

After the creation of our song Give me a hug, we had a conversation on how the students imagine earth after 10 years. Their answers, most of them in the form of questions, were so realistic and spontaneous that put us in thoughts….So we combined some of these questions and we made our radio spot. How would earth look like after 10 years? Everything we consider as given for the environment, would be considered as given in the future? Would the grown ups be able to give answers about the situation of our planet to little kids?
We hope you enjoy our spot and love it as much as we do.

Radio Spot text: Voistidou Paraskevi (special education teacher) -Students of B1 class
Original piano music: Voitsidou Paraskevi
Sound editing: Voitsidou Paraskevi
Class responsible: Efi Yannopoulou
We also thank miss Panagiota Fliri for her beautiful ideas.