Podcast: S.O.S. Earth calls Immediate Assistance

Concept – script – poster: Hadjipanteli Smaragda (3rd Grade).
Broadcasters: Hadjipanteli Smaragda (3rd Grade), Mermigas Nikitas (3rd Grade), Tsatsanias Epaminondas (3rd Grade).
Sound Recording – Editing – Sound Effect Selection: Tsatsanias Epaminondas (3rd Grade).
Technical Assistance, Supervision: Katsaros Athanassios (Professor of Computer Science).

The creation of the message (recording, editing) was done outside the program schedule at the Computer Lab of the 2nd Lower Secondary School of Galatsi.

The sound effects used are available under the CC BY-NC 3.0 license and downloaded from freesound.org
“Dialling Phone.wav” by lhardie of Freesound.org
“Phone Call Tone.wav” by henrique85n (www.henriquemoreira.pt) of Freesound.org
“Wood Burning Stove” by nebulousflynn (nimbuspin.com) of Freesound.org