Podcast: Greenhouse Effect

8 February 2020 22:00

The song protests against the Greehouse Effect.
In order to produce this song, our Radio Team inspired and encouraged the collaboration of three different music ensembles of our school :
Student Radio – Rock Band – Impro.
Lyrics, Music and Sound-Recording (live) are the exclusive outcome of the students’ productive teamwork encouraged with love and enthusiasm by the coordinating teachers who acted as animators.

Lyrics: Fotis Papadimitropoulos, Ariadne Papadopoulou, Alexandros Polykandritis, Andronikos Christaras, Yiorgos Spyropoulos, Aggelis Dalachanis.

Music: Nestoras Sfetsidis (voice), Yiannis Zografos (drums), Vangelis Papamichael (electric guitar), Maximos Tsarouchas (keyboard), Dimitris Kakavas (electric bass) , Eleni Galanopoulou (voice).

Sound Engineer: Nikos Varlamis.

Production: Greenhouse Effect
School: Greenhouse Effect