Podcast: Greyish Earth

We made the song “Greyish Earth” with a look at the uncertain future of climate change. We know that behind the numbers, statistics, forecasts of scientists are people and children who want to dream, fall in love, love and be loved. We also know that people are already uprooted and exiled from their places, because of the climate, because of other people, because of how our world has been made today. For them and with them we wanted to tell you this song, the music and lyrics of which we made in the second grade of the 5th High School of Halkida, with the guidance and supervision of music teacher Daphne Zournatzis. In song and rhymes are Anna Maria Maltsis, Anthe Batsoulis, Archontia Petsas, the amazing beatbox is by Montazar Alsheweli while mandolin and guitar were played by Daphne Zournatzis. The recording and production of the song was done on Studio Marsyas.