Podcast: We are a small team, join us to make it bigger

24 public kindergartens from Evia island and Fthiotida county formed a powerful school network named ACTIVE SCHOOLS, AN ECO-ALLIANCE. Their actions prove daily that the joint efforts and teamwork maximize the impact of individual actions. The schools’ collaboration aims at initiatives that promote the protection of our planet, eliminating poverty, diseases, inequality and violence, while scoping at the restoration of environmental balance. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals became their basis to create this radio message entitled “We are a small team, join us to make it bigger”, urging us to take actions and face the great challenges of contemporary world. Schools became a chain and created together message word by word, having as inspiration the actions implemented within the collaborative eTwinning project. Children’s voices have the power to change the world! The future will be better depicting our dream cities and communities which are based on sustainable development, equality and respect for human rights.
The involved kindergartens are: 1st Kindergarten of Loutra Edipsos and Avlonari, which are the coordinators of the network and: Agia Anna, Agios Konstantinos, Arkitsa, 4th Vasiliko, 1st Istiaia, Karavos, 1st Larymna, Mantoudi, 1st N. Artakis, 2nd N. Artakis, Neochori, Nea Styra, Pelion, Faros Avlidas, Fylla, 1st Chalkida, 5th Chalkida, 6th Chalkida, 18th Chalkida, 19th Chalkida, 23rd Chalkida, 33rd Chalkida.