Podcast: The World of Music

01 January 1970 00:00-00:00

Have you ever listened to a song and not been able to identify what genre it belongs to – symbolic patterns, attitudes and values?
In our podcast we shall explain the musical characteristics of pop, rock και rap.
Get ready to surprise your friends with your musical knowledge!
Α broadcast prepared by the students of g1b Music class of junior high school of the Experimental School of the University of Thessaloniki, «Staying at Home» under the supervision of the Music teacher Mrs Maria Patio.
Podcast Texts: Nikoleta Rafaela Kontonikolaou and Chryssanthi Kotidou
Broadcasters: Lena Kontostanou and Xenia Kouziorti
Audio Editing: Christina Hatzigeorgioy-Filiou, Panagiotis Lindros and Dimitris Panagiotis Florogoulias
Radio Spot editing: Anna Maria Kontonikolaou and Konstantinos Michail Kontonikolaou
Video Trailer editing: Haris Kelekis and Christos Mitykos
Piano Performance: Manolis Karatsiolis
Banner editing: Leonidas Nikolaos Prassas

Enjoy your listening!