Podcast: LOVE AT FIRST BARK The case of Guide dogs

Music junior and senior High School of Pallini –04/12/22- 9.00 pm

(dedicated to the International Day for people with Disabilities -3rd December)
The case of Guide Dogs
This broadcast discussing the importance of guide dogs is an effort to raise awareness about visual impairment and to promote volunteering from an early age and at any age.
It is dedicated to the International Day for people with Disabilities (3rd December) and is a part of the collaboration between the English classes of Ms Georgia Skoularikou, English teacher at the Music junior and senior high school of Pallini, and the Greek Guide Dogs Center and its president Ms Zoi Geroulanou.
The Greek Guide Dogs Center has been running a ministry approved programme under the title “We all Love Guide Dogs” and we have fostered it since last year involving students in projects with experiential learning value.
In this broadcast, you will learn about guide dog puppies and their training from their early age until they graduate and are united with their blind handler to form a great team, you will be inspired by volunteer puppy raisers’ stories, white cane users’ orientation and mobility training, you shall learn how to behave when you meet a guide dog and its handler on the street, you will get informed about the Tactual Museum and listen to some wonderful music pieces performed by our students which, were first presented in our last school year’s meetings with the Greek Guide Dogs Centre.
We worked on this programme and welcomed to the Music High School of Pallini the Greek Guide Dogs Center 3 times, in total, last year. Τhe last of them, being the organization of the guide dog’s Graduation Ceremony. We hosted the Graduation Ceremony of two new dogs trained by the center and the retirement of one. Our students performed beautiful music pieces and our creative writing projects, sensitization posters about visual impairment, white cane use, volunteering and the hero dogs, the guide dogs were displayed.
Our gatherings were full of joy, admiration and exchange of thoughts, ideas and feelings. We were appointed to be the ambassador school for the diffusion of this great cause. We were delighted to receive an honorary certificate from the Greek Guide Dogs Center and feel committed to continue hard work to help as much as we can.
Radio broadcasting is a great way, don’t you think?
Stay tuned, learn, feel the need to care and pass the message on!
Volunteer, help, be the reason for someone’s happiness and your own!
Sunday the 4th October at 9.00 p.m! Stay tuned!
English Module Coordinator/ edifier, interview creator: Georgia Skoularikou, English teacher, Ma of Arts in Romanticism, University of Bristol, U.K
English team students: Mariza Markopoulou, Niki Kefala, Jimmy Papadakis, Aphrodite Chanioti, Athina Karampela
Guests: Ms Zoi Geroulanou, President of the Greek Guide Dogs Center
Irma: the sweetest ex- guide dog ever!
Radio production head: Ms Sofia Levanti, Music teacher, representative of the European School Radio
Ms Fouli Olympiou, Music Teacher, associate of the European School Radio team
Radio Production team that assisted this recording: Andreas Ziogas, Romanos Giannakakis, George Brokos, Nikolopoulos Stefanos