Podcast: A Faraway Love

27 January 2018 00:00

We thought that for us, the students of 6th Grade (St’ 2) of 11th Primary school of Piraeus, Cultural Heritage means, among others, our Poets. Our poets who have talked about life and humanity, with the simplest yet the most accurate way. Our poets who have praised Greece through their work. We had a desire to pay tribute to them with respect to their work but daring to make it our possession. Thus, we formed a team and started creating a literature collage out of Elitis’, Gatsos’, Livaditis’, Ritsos’ verses with the support of our Music teacher Mrs Dionyssia Tronti. Adding our own ideas, we created the song entitled “A Faraway Love”. And we added our own melodies. All these took place in our classroom, during the teaching hour of Music. We enjoyed and loved the verses of our poets and we enjoyed the whole procedure of creating and recording the song. We are really proud of our creation and we happily present it! And we do not forget that “Ithaca offered us the nice journey”… Tune in!