Production: Words from the heart


Students of St. Anthony’s Lyceum, in the framework of the Alternative Program of the Direct Action Group, prepared their own presentation / work, sending their own unique messages against verbal violence. The aim was to involve as many students as possible in the school and create a collaborative culture among them. They created, photographed, presented and assumed roles that they had the chance to live for the first time. Student prepared his own song by writing the lyrics, teaching music and interpreting it together !! The words of the song touch the souls of all of us.
Language is the most advanced communication code on the planet, but people, when they talk, do not just exchange information with each other, but also “arrows” that hurt the soul. Science concludes that no language is violent, but words or phrases of a language can be offensive if the society that speaks that language considers them such. The ways in which we become verbally violent are various, such as hubris, irony, voices, the threat, even the refusal to talk to someone. The point is that verbal violence, although it does not leave bruises or scars in the body, leaves its marks indelibly in the soul of the person and even its consequences according to research are more serious than those of physical.


School: Agios Antonios Lyceum– Λυκειο Αγίου Αντωνίου


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