Production: Erasmus + KA1 Innovative Teaching for Active Students

Every 1 week/s Sunday, 19:00
     12/05/2019 - 19/05/2019     


Tune in with us to our first live radio show on Sunday May 12th,2019 at 7 pm.
We are happy to present a discussion with our school teachers Mrs Mpisioti principal, phililogue, Mrs Sideri vice principal, philologue, Mrs Mavromatti vice-principal, physical education teacher, and Mr Bilalis, philologue who attended an exciting and very promising Erasmus+KA1 week course in Berlin and Kostanz on innovative teaching and classroom management. How can students reflect on their own classroom behaviour? What is “flipped” classroom? How can educational games incorporate technology, internet, music, movies and outdoor activities?Expecting you all online for more questions and answers on this unique show that’s happens on Mother’s Day 2019. Music and fun is guaranteed!

Frequency: 1 week,


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