Production: TOGETHER WE CAN!


Participation of E2 class of the 2nd Primary School of Paralimni in the Song Contest “Make it heard 2021”

On the occasion of the unexpected weather conditions, we, the children of E2 of the 2nd Primary School of Paralimni and our teacher Mrs. Anna Georgiou, decided to explore the reflection “Is there a serious problem of climate change?” in a united context of Greek, Environmental Education and Geography. With the critical investigation and cross-examination of views that various social groups have on this issue, we reached to the conclusion THERE IS A SERIOUS CLIMATE CHANGE PROBLEM and WE MUST ACT NOW! When our teacher announced us the existence of the competition “Make it heard 2021!” in the thematic “From Ego to Us”, we got excited and decided to participate. The ultimate goal of our participation is to be heard beyond our school and to sensitize as many people as possible, so that all together collaborate to stop the climate change. We made our own song “TOGETHER WE CAN!” with the help of the musician of our school Mrs Elena Hatziafxenti. Both the lyrics and the melody of the song are our creations that took place in school time. Our teachers had only a coordinating role. We also played the instruments that are heard in the song and with our voices we made the beat box too. In the following link you can watch a short video clip that shows all our actions that were mentioned above


School: Primary School Paralimni B– Δημοτικό Σχολείο Παραλιμνίου Β΄


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