4th Primary School of Limassol (K.A’) – Δ' Δημοτικό Σχολείο Λεμεσού (Κ.Α')

Country: Cyprus
Grade: Primary
School admins


The 4th Primary (KA) School of Limassol is a public school located at the western part of Limassol. There are six classes of about twenty pupils each (two classes per grades one two and three) and a special class which is attended by five pupils with specific educational difficulties.  The school’s population is mainly Greek – Cypriot children but there are also children from other nations, such as Bulgaria, Syria, Rumania and Russia.

The building consists of six teaching rooms, a music classroom, an art classroom, a room for teaching Greek language as a foreign language for foreign language speaking children, two rooms for children with learning difficulties and a room where children have speech therapy. In addition in our school you can find the headmistresses’ office, the secretary’s office, and the teachers’ room.  There is also a big yard where the children enjoy their breaks. Part of this yard is covered with cement blocks. A large portion of the cement blocks have board games painted on them (like snakes and ladders). A lot of children spent their break time playing with these painted board games.

Lessons start at 7:45’ am every day and they finish at 1:05’ pm.  The daily programme consists of seven teaching periods. Each period lasts forty minutes with three breaks in between. The main school subjects are Greek and Maths.  History, Geography, Science, Religion, Music, Art, P.E., and English are subjects that are being taught twice a week.

There are twenty four people working in our school. They are: the headmistress, the deputy headmaster, fourteen teachers, a part time secretary, three cleaning ladies, three helpers for children with special needs. There is also a lady running the canteen. The parent’s association is very active and supportive to the school. They organise several activities which benefit the children of the school.

Apart from the daily school programme there is a European programme running in our school. This programme aims to financially, educationally and socially support the pupils of the school since the school is situated in the middle of the poorer districts of the town. Finally the children can optionally attend the afternoon school which starts at 1:05’ pm and finishes at 4:00 pm.


Our nature emits SOS!


The song ‘Our earth emits SOS’ was written by the 3rd grade children of the 4th Primary School of Limassol (K.A) under the guidance of their music teacher Angeliki Kouali. In the song, the children are calling the people to listen to the voice of earth …