Our school participates in European School Radio for the first time with various radio productions most of which are produced in the framework of European or other projects that our students realized the school year 2017-18


Hate speech is contegious. Ignore it!


The mirror shows a distorted image. It’s not you! It’s what the others call you! Ignore them and show the world who you are! It’s good to be different! The 6th grade students of St1 Class of 26th Primary School of Kallithea send their message against H …

Music, Olympic Games and jokes

At the end of the school year our 5th-grade students prepared for you a radio show which contains everything: a tribute to Imagine Dragons, to Olympic Games and a lot of jokes!!!

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Speak with words


A poem about the Environment and our debt to it. It was performed by the 6th-grade students of 26th Primary School of Kallithea at the 4th Festival of Sensitised Recycling of the volunteer Association “Proaspizo” on 3/6/2018. Poem: Theodoros Arsenis Po …

Mastic Flavored Radio Waves

The students of the 6th grade of the 26th Primary School Kallithea prepared a radio show where they reveal all the secrets about the cultivation and the products of Chios Mastic Tree, they remember their experiences from their visit to Chios Island and …

Chios Mastic: Interviews about its cultural, economic and therapeutic importance

A radio show dedicated to Chios Mastic tree and the activities of our school to promote it and to get the public acquainted with it. It is part of the Cultural and Environmental projects implemented by our school as well as the Erasmus+ project “Green …

Radio Travelers

The “Radio Travelers” the St2 radio team of the sixth grade of the 26th Primary School Kallithea talk about books that they’ve read, liked, were moved by and traveled with them. In this way, they contribute to the celebration of the World Children’s Bo …

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The tears of Mastic tree

The Fifth grade students of E1 Class of the 26th Primary School of Kallithea were involved in an environmental Erasmus+ project through which they’ve learnt the history, the care, and the customs surrounding the mastic trees of Chios. This intangible c …

Chios Mastic…your med!

A spot that proves that cultural heritage is eaten and … is good for your health! The students of D1 class of the 26th Primary School of Kallithea, under the guidance of their teacher, Mrs. Kanaki Konstantina and the Professor of Theatrical Education …

Stereo 26

The E2 fifth graders of 26th Primary School of Kallithea are going to enjoy you for half an hour each month! Their show will include Music, Anecdotes or Jokes, School or Class News and information about the Mastic Tree of Chios island!