Compulsory Secondary School ‘José María Morón y Barrientos’. – IES José María Morón y Barrientos

Country: Spain
Grade: Secondary
School admins


The “José María Morón y Barrientos”  Compulsory Secondary School and Vocational School is located in the southwest of Spain, in the town of Cumbres Mayores, near Portugal. It is a rural area far from large cities whose main source of income is agriculture and livestock breeding. At the moment, 70 students between the ages of 12 and 16 are studying at our school and 21 teachers are teaching. Students in Vocational Studies are from 15 to 23 years old.

Our secondary school participated for 5 consecutive years (2003-2009) in Comenius 1.2 projects (pupil and teacher exchanges) with an Irish school in Waterford. Now we want to participate again in European projects to enrich the training of pupils and teachers. We have started an Erasmus+ project called Building Active and Critical Thinking Students.

Ours is officialy tagged as an ICT centre. As far as ICT (Information and Communication Technology) programs are concerned, we are dealing with an European programme called PRODIG to improve the digital competence in our school. One of the kew objectives of PRODIG is to use the latest technologies to change the previous methodologies such as the use of radio as an educational tool, problem based learning, “gamification” and the use of educational platforms in order to improve everyday classroom routines.