Gymnasium of Panagias Theoskepastis, Paphos – Γυμνάσιο Παναγίας Θεοσκέπαστης, Πάφος

Country: Cyprus
Grade: Secondary
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The Gymnasium of Panagias Theoskepastis at Paphos is a public secondary school, founded in
2002. It has 382 students and 61 teachers (both part-time and full-time) and students ages ranking
from 12 to 15 years old. The school is situated on the city of Paphos, in the southwest coast of
Cyprus. Our school has 18 student classes allocated to the first three grades of a secondary school.
It also has two immigrant reception classes, where students migrating to our country (either being
refugees or their families come to Cyprus for work) are taught both the Greek language and the basic
courses (mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology). One of the important peculiarities of our
school is the fact that only 78 pupils, of whom both parents are Cypriots, are attending it. The rest of
the pupils are from either aliens or mixed families, from 17 different countries (Europe, Middle East
and the former Soviet Union). Our school is next to the sea and all together, the staff, the students
and the parents, with inspiration and optimism, we gaze at the horizon and we sketch for the big and
nice trips. Our vision is a school that exploits the potential and talents of all. A school that loves and
rejoices the students. A school where staff collaborate with dignity, continuously ensuring quality in
relationships and pedagogical work

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Let’s travel….!!!

We travel in the middle of the pandemic with our mind. Our students prepared a video clip for this song. Enjoy it…!!!

School: Gymnasium of Panagias Theoskepastis, Paphos – Γυμνάσιο Παναγίας Θεοσκέπαστης, Πάφος