School for art, design, graphic and clothes Zabok – Škola za umjetnost, dizajn, grafiku i odjeću Zabok

Country: Croatia
Grade: Secondary
School admins


School for art, design, graphic and clothes Zabok
Time flows on, youth is gone
While it is flowing, my heart is deeply falling
Where did I spend all my teenage days
I feel like they were trapped like birds in a cage.

Day to day came new dusk and dawn,
but still because of my problems I am being gone.
Tear drops on my face
I need to escape from this place.

so I sit in my room alone
and think what is going on
Somewhere deep in us we need to find the light
But our heart are trapped only in the night.

The whole world is ruled by misery and war
And I tell myself that I can’t live like that anymore
We need to change a world into a better place
Filled with happiness, joy, love and grace.

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