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“When Pontos meets Greece and Greece Pontos”

The infants of the 12th Kindergarten of Veria learned the history of Pontian Hellenism, traveled in time, learned the Pontian dialect, the songs and customs of Pontοs and tried to find what unites all the Greeks and built bridges between yesterday and …

27-03-2019, 15:00

Game Review by 3th Lyceum of Veria

Game Review is a podcast that one student reviews a video – game, and tells you his opinion. Sources: Unboxholics IGN Greece

27-03-2019, 16:00

Musical shades on a night-time backgound

The production will be educational, cultural, informational and entertaining.Τhe broadcasts will include special celebrations on world-wide days, anniversaries or celebrities and will present workshops, actions, issues related to technical education an …

27-03-2019, 20:00

Radio Kampani – Communication

A multilingual a multilingual broadcast, english, french, german, greek,about habits, music, tales in europe,

28-03-2019, 13:00
Tags: Art & Culture,

George and Friends

In every show guest will be a friend of George. They would discuss together about topical issues, make fun, laugh a lot, and broadcast news about youth.

28-03-2019, 20:00


We are the 5th Grade of the 3rd Primary School of Pylaia Thessalonikis and this is our first attempt to make our own radio show. Each radio show will be created by different groups of students, with different subject each time.

29-03-2019, 16:00
Skole: Πέλλα


Every week there are many new Radio shows to discover

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