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21 Olympia Film Festival

During these 21 years, thousands of children have enjoyed the privilege of being in a cinema and seeing rare films from around the world, films that they would not have been given the chance to see if the Olympia Film Festival did not exist. Many child …

17-06-2019, 17:00

Gaming Dudes by 3th Lyceum of Veria

In this podcast, some students talk about Video Games, Game Consoles, and not only…

19-06-2019, 14:30

Tenjin Time Show by 3th Lyceum of Veria

In this podcast, a student inform us about some facts for a country at a time.

21-06-2019, 14:30

Radio Kampani

Our multilingual show features music and stories from Greece in Greek, French and English

28-06-2019, 12:00


Every week there are many new Radio shows to discover

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