Podcast: Give me a hug- Dose mou mia agalia

Participation of 6th primary school of Agios Dimitrios, Athens, in the song contest “Kanto nakoustei 2019”

If the earth could talk how she could feel for all these dangerous things that humans do on her? What could possibly tell them so she can prevent them from all these bad and harmful habits that hurt her every day? May all we can hear earth’s words and stop hurt and ruin her!

This song has been made after the conversation we had with our students of 2nd Grade, about the destruction of the Earth, the huge problem of pollution around us and the solutions we can give to protect out planet. Our students expressed their opinions and their scope in this subject and later on they drew their own thoughts about Earth. After three days, when this process was over, we collected the drawings and made up the lyrics of our songs along with the music. It was a very creative and pleasant journey, full of joy, hard work and enthusiasm for all of us and we hope that the result it will be as good as our effort!
You can watch our videoclip at the following link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjvrkUFMHEQ&t=87s

Lyrics: Voitsidou Paraskevi (special education teacher) – Students of B1 class
Original music/ piano – guitar: Voitsidou Paraskevi
Class responsible: Efi Yannopoulou
Poster creation: Ioanna fragkouli
We thank a lot the physical education teacher, mr. Vasilis Karfis, for his valuable help on the recording.