Podcast: Planet is in danger, save the bees

Participation of Special Vocational school of Elefsinas, EEEEK Elefsinas. A message about the dangers that threaten the life of bees, aims to awaken people to contribute to their protection

The teachers , Evangelos Makris and Aspasia Nithavrianaki, supported the group of pupils from Agricultural Laboratory. The children had already been stimulated by their work at the school’s agronomy lab where they observed the bees on the aromatic plants in the school patio and they decided to make the spot for the bees. They were asked via google and with the help of us to find information on the disappearance of bees and selected the phrases as well as the sounds heard in the spot (as well as video photos) Editing the spot (as well as creating video ) was done by the teachers. The poster was made in collaboration with a student from the Peristeri Artistic school.
We would like to participate in the category of special schools