Podcast: Emerald Island

The students of grade 5 and 6 in the primary school Rodion Paideia, after collecting information on the unique and one of a kind species of Rhodes’ fauna, wrote the lyrics for their song “Emerald Island”, aiming at informing the general public on the uniqueness of the biodiversity of the island of Rhodes which hosts rare species of animals, many of which are not found in other parts of the world.
Kipriotis Spyros, a student of the fifth grade, composed the music, making the production of the musical piece. Then the pupils and students of the class made the recording, giving the final form to their song. Throughout this effort, Mr. Giannis Hatzis, a teacher of music at the School, had the coordinating role, since the creation and completion of the song was exclusively executed by the pupils, both on a lyrical and musical level.
The children enjoyed this creative journey, learning in turn all the stages of composing and producing a song, just as a real artist would do and they wish you the same listening enjoyment it brought to them!