Production: All the colors


Participation of a group of students from the Special School “Ayios Spiridonas Larnaca” to the Competition “Kanto n’ akoustei 2021”, with the original song “All the colors” and a video clip. The children created the lyrics and melody with the support of the school’s Music Therapists, using the music therapy technique of Songwriting. Six students had the opportunity to sing the song and have the experience of studio recording.

In addition, eleven children had the chance to explore the meanings and concepts of “I”, “We”, solidarity, collectivity and togetherness through a small project including activities adjusted to their skills and abilities. We processed these concepts through discussion and creative activities of embodied learning, by using movement and visual arts in collaboration with educators of arts and costume design. The activities are presented in the song’s video clip.
Watch the video here:


School: Agios Spiridonas Special School- Larnaca– Ειδικό Σχολείο Άγιος Σπυρίδωνας - Λάρνακα


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