Ladies and Gentlemen,
We are happy to announce that the radio station AMUSIC of the Pallini Experimental Music School is now running! We are a.. music high school highly amusing! Enjoy our school’s band and our radio team’s enthusiasm in this first spot by Yiorgos!



Dear friends, during this show, which is my second one, we will talk about WHATS PLAYING at concerts halls in Athens, for example Megaron Mousikis and other theatres in our city. We will also talk about how stars are born and how they die. Talk to you …

02-03-2020, 20:00

What’s playing

Yiorgos Brokos is our team’s sound specialist and producer of his own shows. This is his first one. Tune in on New Year’s Eve at 7pm for a very Amusic hour with Yiorgos’s production, What’s Playing. Special thanks to Konstantinos Nikogiannis, Aggelis D …

What’s playing?

Yiorgos Mprokos is our team’s sound engineer and producer of his own radio shows! This is his very first production! Tune in on Christmas Eve at 7pm for a very Amusic hour! Special thanks to Konstantinos Nikogiannis, Agelis Dalachanis and Stefanos Niko …

Amusic Wish for Christmas


Konstantinos and Aggelis improvise on piano and audacity wishing us Chronia Polla!

Is lying a lie?


Christina moves to Athens after her parents’ separation. She doesn’t like to talk about her past and ends up lying unwillingly. How much longer can she take it? Will she be able to open up to her best friend? Listen to this sensitive spot by Margarita …

Japan at Pallini


Cherry tree blossoms. The horison ahead is clouds, flowers or mountains Japan visits Pallini Music High School on Monday, November 25, 2019 Music improvisation by Dopo Nagata Samisen orchestra by students from Japanese universities. Kagura ritual with …

Sports at Amusic school


Sports are important in a musician’s life! They build up his or her strength, speed and confidence! Our school loves and supports sports!

Amusic in English


Amusic in English. The music comes from our school’s band flourished with a spontaneous in-class vocal jingle by Peggy, Eleni, Iro and Anna , sound-mixing on the spot by Nikos!

Love the stray animals


We all need a home, we all need food, we all need love and care. Our school cares for everyone, even for the stray animals. Help anyway you can and tune in to AMUSIC of the Pallini Experimental Music School. A sensitive spot by Anna and sound-mixing by …