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On mics
Eliana Nikolaou
Apollonas Nakopoulos


Music and literature 2023


Students reads literature and writes their own music Ioanna S., Ilia A.

Presentation of traditional percussions

A presentation of traditional percussion musical instruments, by the students Danai S. and Konstantina P. An interview of their teacher, Mr. Konstantinos Kalatzis

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Poetry on the radio

On the occasion of World Poetry Day, the students of the Creative Writing Literary Workshop of the Music School of Trikala invite you on a journey to favorite poems. Coordination – Text editing: Georgia Koloveloni Technical support – Music editing: Ioa …

Musical Instruments


Musical Instruments Electroacoustic Guitar and Flute Electroacoustic music Guitar: Christos M. Flute: Christina T. and Achilleas L. on microphone

“Connecting Our World”

Με αφορμή την κοινωνική απομόνωση που επέβαλε σε παγκόσμια κλίμακα η πανδημία, ο μαθητής της Γ’ Γυμνασίου του Μουσικού Σχολείου Τρικάλων, Ντούτσιας Δημήτρης εμπνέεται και δημιουργεί τη σύνθεση μουσικής, η οποία εκφράζει την ελπίδα του για την επανένωση …

Electronic Music


Trikala Music School Electronic Music by Nikos Liappis

Trikala Music School


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