Podcast: Mastic Flavored Radio waves

6 Μαΐου 2018 08:00

The students of the sixth grade of the 26th Primary School Kallithea prepared a radio show where they reveal all the secrets about the cultivation and the products of Chios Mastic Tree, they remember their experiences from their visit to Chios island and Seville, Spain. They have also interviewed a Mastic producer, mr Antonis Yaloussis. The broadcast took place the occasion of the school’s participation in the Erasmus+ project “Green Skills for Social Agriculture”,
in the thematic network of the Centre of Environmental Education of Omiroupolis Chios, “When nature creates culture” within the framework of the educational program “Radio Pages – The National Library on the Radio waves of the European School Radio”
6th-grade students of the 26th Primary School of Kallithea
Teachers: Petrou Nana, Kalatzi Katerina
Journalist: Anastasia Ioannidou
Mastic Producer: Antonis Yaloussis
Recording: National Library of Greece Studio at SNFCC
Educational Program “Radio Pages” Implementation: Lending Department of the National Library of Greece and European School Radio, the First Student Radio

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