Podcast: There is no planet 2

The 6th graders from the Primary School in Moudros, Lemnos participate in the Song competition “Make it heard 2020” for the European School Radio.
The contest entry is “There is no Planet B”:
Educational class description:
Objectives: Information on global climate changes, raising eco-friendly awareness and presentation of eco-friendly solutions applying e-tools and Art (lyrics composition, melody, video etc.)
School Subjects involved: Language (creative writing), Music, Art, ICT, English, Science
Lesson Plan:
– The song:
— Presentation of contest instructions and contest themes.
— Discussion with reference to the 1st unit in Science book for the 6th grade on power and sources of power as well as alternative sources of power
— Presentation of youth Activists and eco-friendly acts (e.g Gretta Thunberg)
— Writing of lyrics in pairs and composition of song by pupils
— Song composition
— Song Recording
— Processing the recorded file

– The video clip
— Pupils’ drawing inspired by the song theme
— Video recording of eco-friendly themed short clips
— English translation of the song refrain

An animation clip in class is created for the song using Scratch application program after some brainstorming ideas) ) https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/348428720/
E-tools and a series of activities in class are used to aspire and present pupils’ involvement, their talents and creative styles.
An example of cross-curricular teaching and collaboration set with class teachers working together:
– The class teacher, Mrs. Theodora S. Tziampazi stimulates, facilitates and manages pupils’ work in class while pupils write and compose the lyrics and the song
– The class Music teacher, Mr. John Vamvakas provides valuable feedback to pupils during the composition of melody and song-writing as well as records and processes the final sound of the song.
– The class English teacher, Mrs. Antonia Vacharakidou provides feedback on pupils’ brainstorming ideas for the clip creation on Scratch, helps with their designing ideas and assists pupils with translating the song into English
– The class teacher of Arts, Mr. Tasos Velves facilitates pupils’ with the drawing of their creative ideas
All the teachers involved in this project would like to express their gratitude and thank the school headmaster, Mr. Hronis Kalogeridis and the school staff for their supportive help and silent but valuable contribution to the promising outcome of the contestant song “There is no Planet B”.
Working in a team, teachers and pupils collaborate to meet and fulfill the contest requirements using the talents and tools within the school rural premises
provided on Lemnos island. This project is based on the pupils’ genuine creative ideas, talents and moods of expression that stand as a clear example of their
sensitivity and mature thinking. This project is pupils’ original attempt to account for their fear inspired by the current environmental crisis and to propose action with few eco-friendly life style changes.