Production: Greenhouse Effect


The song protests against the Greehouse Effect.
In order to produce this song, our Radio Team inspired and encouraged the collaboration of three different music ensembles of our school :
Student Radio – Rock Band – Impro.
Lyrics, Music and Sound-Recording (live) are the outcome of the students’ productive teamwork encouraged with love and enthusiasm by the coordinating teachers who acted as animators.

Lyrics: Fotis Papadimitropoulos, Ariadne Papadopoulou, Alexandros Polykandritis, Andronikos Christaras, Yiorgos Spyropoulos, Aggelis Dalachanis.

Music: Nestoras Sfetsidis, Yiannis Zografos, Vangelis Papamichael, Maximos Tsarouchas, Dimitris Kakavas, Eleni Galanopoulou.

Sound Engineer: Nikos Varlamis.



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