Τα παιδιά, μελετώντας τα Μέσα Επικοινωνίας, επισημαίνουν την ανάγκη για επικοινωνία με τους γονείς τους οι οποίοι πολλές φορές απορροφούνται στις οθόνες.
Έτσι στέλνουν ένα μήνυμα ουσίας.


If every day


This production is a collaborative work of 15 Kindergarten schools participating in the eTwinning project “eTreeHuggers: 1,2,tree, Hug the trees with me”. Each school chose a type of tree and completed the phrase ” If every day”. All the phrases combin …

A dragon with Glasses seeks for clean waters


This song has been created in the eTwinning project we participate, with 20 other schools from Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria. All schools represent the lake of their region and work together with their dragon so that the lakes are clean and safe from ill …

Old and forgotten


Our school has adopted an old house that is named as a monument of our region. This is the house of Chatzi – Chatzichristaki in Ossa Lagada. We have published posters, wrote letters and met the Mayor of our City in order to save it. It is a unique Mace …