Agios Spiridonas Special School- Larnaca – Ειδικό Σχολείο Άγιος Σπυρίδωνας - Λάρνακα

Country: Κύπρος
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‘Agios Spyridonas Special School’ is a public Special needs school in Larnaca Cyprus. It provides a compulsory Special Education to children with various developmental, intellectual and complex disorders.

‘Agios Spyridonas’ Special Education School has 102 students from ages of 3 to 21. There is 1 Headmistress, 1 Vice Headmistress, 13 Special Education teachers, 3 Special Physical Ed. Teachers, 6 Physiotherapists, 5 Occupational therapists, 7 Speech therapists, 5 Music Therapists, 1 Art Teacher, 2 Woodworking teachers, 1 Teacher of Graphic Arts, 1 Teacher of Silversmith, 1 teacher of Jewelry design, 1 teacher of Dressmaking, 1 Psychologist, 1 Nurse, 20 School assistants and 3 Bus drivers.  Our school is the only Special School in Larnaca.

Our students take several therapies throughout the day based on their individual needs. Our school has a Psychologist and provides educational and psychological assistance to families. It helps the parents understand the psychosocial needs of their child and see future prospects in an appropriate light.

The school successfully implements social (Autumn fair and Spring fair, Christmas concert) and vocational guidance to integrate the society (Amalia) projects.

We successfully collaborate and share our experiences with several special schools in Cyprus (Agios Varnavas Liopetri, Special School of Pafos, and Evangelismos Nicosia) but also with Public schools throughout Cyprus. (Agios Georgios Lyceum, Livadia Primary school, Pascal Private High School).

In order to improve the conditions necessary for educating children we have been creating a multisensory relaxation room “Snoezelen”, a Sensory Integration room and an Interactive room with multiple projectors in the room.


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School: Agios Spiridonas Special School- Larnaca – Ειδικό Σχολείο Άγιος Σπυρίδωνας - Λάρνακα