The first year of NEStOR project has been completed on September 2017 and the participation of Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus” (CTIP) was a very constructive experience. CTIP as one of the major partners of NEStOR partnership have performed various tasks during the 1st year of project, which are summarized as follows.

Cooperation of NEStOR with other projects. CTIP explored well-known projects and networked European platforms used by the education and school community, such as eTwinning, Photodentro, Europeana, Open Discovery Space and Learning Resource Exchange, and the context of possible cooperation between NEStOR and them.

Definition of new ESR portal technical specifications. This task deals with the definition of the technical specifications of new ESR portal, taking into account the main findings of Intellectual Output O1 and mapping them to software and hardware specifications. In the context of this task, CTIP defined the technical specifications both from the part of the new ESR portal and the user.

Design and implementation of the new ESR portal. This is the main task performed by CTIP during the first year of NEStOR project in cooperation with ESR. CTIP was responsible for the overall graphical design of the main page of the portal and its every individual page (user registration, community, radio shows program, repository, e-learning, etc.). Furthermore, using the well-known WordPress CMS, the new ESR portal has been designed, and its main services have been implemented (radio shows booking and scheduling, user registration and management, community, radio shows productions and repository, schools’ participation, etc.).

Dissemination activities. The dissemination activities performed by CTIP during the period of reference are outlined as follows:

During the second year of NEStOR project, the work of the whole consortium will continue to successfully achieve the main goals of the project.

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