Podcast: The envoronmentt is all about us

The radio spot “The Environment is All About Us” is the contribution of the 7th Daily High School of Kavala in the “Call it to be Heard” competition on the theme “We radiate danger, we embrace the Earth”. The radio spot is a creation of the students:

Weiss Brisilda,
Mutafidou Georgia,
Seitanidou Evangelia and
Heidari Sabbina

whose voices are additionally heard during the spot. The work was supervised by the teachers:Iliopoulou Anthi and Christidis Christos .
The role of the two teachers was clearly supportive: They helped the children by presenting examples of a variety of radio messages and guided the brainstorming process through which the students came up with ideas for a radio message. Finally, the teachers helped the children to choose the idea that was most appropriate to the subject of the competition and expressed their views better. At the last stage the teachers undertook the technical support of the idea by providing the appropriate means for recording and editing the radio message.