Podcast: The Popular Music Time

What Does Alternative Music Sound Like?
What makes rock and roll different from other music genres?
What are the elements necessary for music to be hip-hop?
We shall try to answer these questions and enrich your knowledge about those musical genres!
Α broadcast prepared by the students of g1a Music class of junior high school of the Experimental School of the University of Thessaloniki, «Staying at Home» under the supervision of the Music teacher Mrs Maria Patio.
Podcast Texts: Myrto Koutroumanidou, Georgia Nikiforidou and Romanos Bakalidis
Broadcasters: Giorgos Pagonis
Audio Editing: Dimitris Petridis
Radio Spot editing: Maria Frideriki Papazoglou
Video Trailer editing: Christina Mouzenidoy and Sofia Sakouli
Piano Performance: Kyros Bargiotas, Nikiforos Papafilippou and Dimos Papakonstantinou
Banner editing: Marissa Xourida
Enjoy your listening!