Podcast: Music in our favourite styles

We shall take you on a journey through our favorite music styles, with detailed information – symbolic patterns, attitudes and values – about Pop, Rap and Punk Rock. We are waiting for you on this musical journey!
Α broadcast prepared by the students of g1a Music class of junior high school of the Experimental School of the University of Thessaloniki, «Staying at Home» under the supervision of the Music teacher Mrs Maria Patio.
Podcast Texts: Eleftheria Anastasiadou, Myrofora Grigoriadou and Eleni Kalfopoulou
Broadcasters: Elena Aivazi and Rachel Ieropoulou
Audio Editing: Markos Bozikis
Radio Spot editing: Pantelis Zanis
Video Trailer editing: Christoforos Aidonas, Giorgos Georgiou and Giannis Galamatis
Piano Performance: Margarita Kalaitzidou
Banner editing: Nikos Kalfopoulos
Enjoy your listening!