Podcast: The valuable key

26 sausio 2018 00:00

Last October, we (Rosa / Music teacher, Georgia / philologist and George
/ Informatics educator) noticed the approval of europeanschoolradio
message and song contest “Make it sound 2018”. We liked the idea. We
told the children about (Amalia, Giannis, Odysseus, Konstantinos, Zoe,
Christ, Dionysia & Fotini) and there were excited. “Let’s get the first
prize!” they said.

So our team was ready.
Immediately we started work.
We prepared a presentation with pictures of the country’s physical,
intangible and natural heritage, seen with our children and discussed
what culture is.
After that we visited the Archaeological Museum of our city (Patras) and
within the framework of the Museum’s program entitled “Human chain” we
came into contact with the exhibits of the museum through experiential
actions. At the end of the visit the core of the message came from the
children themselves: “Past is the key to the present and the future.”
On this basis, we worked on the radio message and the song, we made a
lot of rehearsals for our song (the song was helped and sang with us by
Angela / artistic teacher and Stavros / physiotherapist) that was
finally recorded in studios.
Our role as a teacher has been an animator role. It is important to
notice that we and the children as a team, enjoyed incredibly all the
process of preparing and working for the contest.

And we are all proud of the result!!!
Kolangellou Roza
Koliopoulou Georgia
Bratis Georgios
E.E.E.E.K. (Special Education School) Achaea 2018