Production: Help shout


In the song “Help shout” the lyrics were originally written by student of C class Eleni Magiria. Then the student of A1 Panos Pantazis who did all the rest, ie wrote the music, played all the instruments, did the vocals and recorded them, adjusted the lyrics to fit the music.The song is a cry for help from the earth to all of us. Screaming to change the way we live and behave towards our environment, our land, so that we too can be saved. The mastering was done in a private studio and the costs were covered through the implementation of the Action “Supporting and Managing the Action Plans of the Project” A New Start in EPAL. The teachers had no involvement in the technical part but only inspirational and paranormal for the creation of the song.The banner is a painting by the student Haroula Sani.

Help shout
Help you shout
but you don’t always hear
the air breathes
lost in courage

I tell you, I remind you,
I give you a life
but you,
hurting you
you kill me too
everything will be gone
I’m crying out for a life.

The source is my water
God is to think,
with your magic tricks
is a medicine to drink.

Dreams lost
from the forest of the soul
but you,
Fire in our dreams
souls are lost
money and junk
you want them.

The sun rises,
He embraces me with the light
but all this for you
it’s just an enemy

But now I don’t know
do you love me or hate me?
But I,
I am telling you the truth,
how in the future
you won’t live.
The light of your soul
darkness is of the earth.
I’m not sorry
of your own logic.

You are not God
you can’t change
help shout
to change to save
if you want to live together.



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