Τραγούδι. Ραπ. Δημιουργοί: Γιάννης Πούλος-Γιάννης Σπυράκης. Ακούγεται η φωνή της Φιλιώς Χαϊδεμένου. Τίτλος τραγουδιού: Ανθρω-ποιά



This is our first attempt to create a magazino – talk show called “Zanneiologio”, since we come from Zanneio Protypo GEL Peiraia. Our first (and only, for now) show is about Sports! We hope to continue these shows next year, and to be able to produce t …

Look Around… Move on! From Me to US!

A radio spot about abuse in all its various forms, about the loneliness of the abused and the support of all of us in the society who must act for them!


Ραπ τραγούδι. Στίχοι: Πούλος Γιάννης Μουσική παραγωγή : Γιάννης Σπυράκης