The 3rd Primary School of Zografou is a public Primary School in a suburb 5km away from the Greek capital centre. It numbers 281 pupils of 6-12 years of age and 41 members of teaching staff. It has got a long tradition in national and European projects and has gained the local community respect as a small but dynamic educational institution. Since it is located very close to the University of Athens, it hosts future Greek, English and French language teachers for their practicum period every year. The school’s blog can be accessed at


Traveling…to the school of the past!

At the following link, you can listen to our radio message, watching a collection of photos from our school and the preparation of the message (videoclip): Have a good listen! Maria Petropoulou Informatics Te …

Alepoudismata: Advices for safe Internet!

The students of the 5th grade (E1 and E2) of the 3rd Primary School of Zografou, give us tips for safe internet browsing, in the framework of the Health Education program “I travel safely in the beautiful world of the Internet!” implemented in the scho …

“Alepoudismata”: Netiquette


“Alepoudismata”. The students of the 6th Grade of 3rd Primary School of Zografou, present the 12 rules of Good Internet Behavior, known as Netiquette.