We are the Super Kids of the 12th Kindergarden of Veria and this is our first year in the community ou the ESR and we are very Happy!

Radio Laidos


Veria’s Super Kids talk present aradio show aboyt the anniversary of ” POLYTEXNEIO

Lions on air

The children of the 12th Kindergarten of Veria, the children of the Kindergarten of Ossa, the 2nd Kindergarten of Moudania, the Kindergarten of Kanalia Corfu, the Kindergarten of Kentri Ierapetra, the Kindergarten of Avlonari in Evia, the 12th Kinderga …

“When Pontos meets Greece and Greece Pontos”

The infants of the 12th Kindergarten of Veria learned the history of Pontian Hellenism, traveled in time, learned the Pontian dialect, the songs and customs of Pontοs and tried to find what unites all the Greeks and built bridges between yesterday and …

Kanto na akoustei 2019

Veria’s 12th Kindergarten participation to the contest

Christmas at kindergarten

The Super kids of Veria’s12th kindergarten invite you to listen their first radio production. Let’s sing and learn about Christmas.

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I Love you mum

The Super Kids of the 12th kindergarten of Veria celebrate the “Mother’s Day” with aspecial production.

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Pontos through the kids eyes

The Super Kids present fairy tales, songs and traditions of Pontos.

Greek carnival songs and traditions

The Super Kids of the 12th kindergarten of Veria present the songs and the traditions of the greek carnival.

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Veria Monuments with history

THE “Super Kids” of the 12th Kindergarten of Veria advertise the monuments of their city

Carols of Veria

Participation of 12th Kindergarten of Veria in the spot contest ” Kanto na akoustei” 2018

“Super Kids”

We are the “Superkids” of the 12th kindergarten of Veria and that is our first attempt at the the community of the European school radio